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Amy Leah Magaw is a born-again author and freelance writer with a passion for writing country-fried Christian romance, creative non-fiction, poetry, and inspirational short stories. A mother of two active teenagers, Amy spends her days teaching middle and high school—and loving it. She spends her nights escaping to her world of writing she affectionately calls, “The Oasis.” She is available for speaking at Ladies’ Conferences and meeting your freelance writing needs.  To learn more about Amy’s writings, visit her blog at, or email Amy at

Monday, July 2, 2012

Prayers Needed in Paxville!

Please pray that the Clarendon County Police will find the 2 year-old child, Brandon Dubose II.  They have a dragnet set up about 4-5 miles from our home, and the home of good friends of our.  The Police Helicopter has been circling our area for a while.  The suspect is considered armed and dangerous.  I pray that they do find the child tonight.  Thank you.

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