Friday, February 22, 2013

VBS Time Already? Join Our Team!

Heed the call, friends!  VBS time will be here before we know it, and I need some folks to join this quest! 

Every year, Oriental Trading puts out a Fun & Faith catalog, listed various products that support a particular VBS theme.  Some of those themed curriculum's are published by tradition carriers like Group and Lifeway, etc. 

Our church always writes our own VBS curriculum based on the KJV, because of the stand we take on that version of the Bible. 

So, we figure, if we're doing that, then more than likely there are others out there doing that as well!

Here's the idea:

I would like to host a forum page on this blog STRICTLY for ORIGINAL VBS Curriculum materials.  These materials will be made free for download for churches to use for their VBS programs this summer. 

I'm looking for week-long programs as well as One-Day Extravaganzas.  This would be the place to bring your ideas. 

We need lesson plans, ORIGINAL coloring pages (Please do not scan in a Dollar Tree Coloring Book page with a Bible verse typed at the bottom!  This is copyright infringement! All drawings must be original!) Games for outdoors, Creative Snack Ideas and music (NO MP3 Uploads-Songs can be written to be sung to the tune of familiar songs in the public domain i.e. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star OR ORIGINAL SHEET MUSIC.)

We need team members who are willing to do a small part and reap the full benefit!

Now, there are some rules:

All materials must use the KJV as their Scripture Base.
The materials must not infringe on someone's copyright-the materials need to be originally yours to post-you own the rights!
Materials need to support a particular VBS theme. 

If you are interested in joining this team, please email be at and I can give you more details. 

Here is the link to the two themes that OTC is going with this year, "Over The Top" (Amusement Park) and "Mighty Kingdom: Quest for Strength" Castle
Theme.  There are also some other themes listed in the column on the lefthand side, but there are not many products to go along with them.  They may have been from previous years, so I'd like to stick with the two new themes for this year.

If you look through the products of both lines, you will always find cut-outs and poster that have lesson themes on them.  These are the topics that we would base our lessons on. 

I would like to develop curriculum for both lines to post for all who need them. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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